About Me

Scott Safadi was born in Damascus, Syria and raised in Northern California. His family immigrated to the United States when he was two years old. Scott had the good fortune of having parents who didn’t yet speak English, so they taught him how to speak Arabic and Sesame Street taught him how to speak English.

After a short detour in Beaumont, Texas and several years in San Jose, Scott’s family finally settled down in Los Gatos, California, where he attended middle school and high school. At Los Gatos High School, Scott played wide receiver and kick returner for the school football team. In addition, he volunteered countless hours at Good Samaritan Hospital, trying to gain valuable experience, as he had aspirations of one day becoming a doctor. Scott was a high achieving student who in his senior year would apply and be admitted to his first choice school, Dartmouth College.

Scott Safadi matriculated at Dartmouth College in 1999, a pre-med genetics major. After less than one year, Scott fell in love with the study of philosophy. He entered his sophomore year of college a philosophy major and by his fourth year, he would add an engineering minor to his resume.

Scott has always had a love for athletics and particularly, snowboarding. Little did he know that the comfortable and soft snow conditions of Tahoe would be nowhere to be found in the northeast. Itching for a strong and sustained dose of quality snowboarding, he took his junior winter from college off and moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for three months to be a “snowboard bum” for the winter. While he no longer has the luxury of taking a three month ski trip, with a business and family to attend to, he still cherishes every opportunity he gets to ride the Tahoe powder.

In 2003, Scott Safadi graduated from Dartmouth College and moved back to his home town of Los Gatos. He started his career working as a financial analyst for a real estate firm in San Francisco. His role quickly evolved into one that included asset management, property management and construction project management.  After some years with that firm, he worked a short stint in construction project management with an office condominium development firm, before finally going out on his own.

In 2005, Scott joined a private venture, building single family homes. The organization purchased the raw land, subdivided/entitled the land to develop single family homes, and managed the construction of the subdivision from start to finish. The head of this project owned several apartment buildings and with Scott’s asset management experience, he was offered (and accepted) the opportunity to manage these properties. This was the very start of Scott’s property management business, CBPM, which would grow into one of the top property management firms in the Bay Area over the next several years.

Scott leverages his construction expertise and strong network within the construction industry to provide his property management clients with the tools and manpower necessary to perform highly cost-effective improvements and repairs to their properties. Scott’s company goal is to provide unit renovations at a cost that can be re-captured with additional rent (direct result of the upgrades) in less than 24 months. In other words, Scott’s target on a $2,400 renovation/upgrade is to achieve a MINIMUM rent gain of $100/month.

Scott brings intelligence, practical solutions, and diligence to his business; his customers know that his company, CBPM, is profoundly unique within the industry. Each and every one of his clients (property owners) has a direct working relationship with Scott. Scott makes a point to personally visit each property within the company portfolio on a regular on-going basis; he is ultimately responsible and accountable to each and every one of his clients. In order to do this, and despite the strong urge to grow, Scott limits the types of properties that his company manages. His philosophy is that a highly specialized firm will be always be more effective than a firm that tries to be everything to everybody. CBPM manages only apartment buildings (16-125 units) and only properties that are located within the Silicon Valley. Scott’s goal is to operate the best apartment management company in the Silicon Valley and both he and his clients strongly believe that he has achieved just that.

This website is dedicated to Silicon Valley apartments and showcasing the various offerings within CBPM’s company’s portfolio as well as providing Silicon Valley apartment news and updates. Scott Safadi is a California Certified Resident Manager (CCRM).

Scott has been married since 2007 to his wife Rachel. On February 29, 2012, they had a beautiful baby girl, named Sophia.  Scott and his family live in Saratoga, California.