Pool Rules For the Summer

by Scott on April 26, 2017

Most multi-family properties feature a swimming pool – and most don’t hire a lifeguard to watch over the space during the summer. If your property is one of the few that does contract out to a lifeguard service, kudos to you! But for the rest of us, we’ll rely on strictly enforced rules to guarantee a safe, fun time at the pool. Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management recommends implementing the following rules this summer:
No children unattended. This rule is not negotiable. If a parent or other adult cannot come to the pool to supervise, children should not be allowed in. It doesn’t matter how old or how experienced the kid may be in the water. Accidents happen, which is why supervision is so necessary.
No glass bottles. Maybe you’re cool with residents cracking open a cold one by the water, but encourage them to bring cans – not bottles. Again, accidents happen, and with as many bare feet are in the pool area, you’re just asking for bloody toes!
No diving. Even with a lifeguard present, diving can end in tragedy. Swimmers who misjudge their dive can find themselves crashing into the hard cement bottom of the pool. Too many senseless accidents have occurred this way. Encourage your tenants to cannon ball instead!
Limit the number of guests. On particularly hot, celebratory weekends (think Memorial Day and 4th of July), this rule will come in handy. Your pool is there for your tenants – not for a dozen of their closest friends. Limit the number of guests each tenant can bring to swim. One or two should be plenty!
– Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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