Repair Your Rep: Getting in Front of a Bad Reputation

by Scott on April 18, 2017

Bad reputations can happen to good people – and good property managers. Perhaps you’ve inherited a property from an irresponsible landlord, or perhaps you yourself have been negligent in the past but are turning over a new leaf. If there anything to be done about a bad reputation? Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management says yes.
Start online. Take time to address negative reviews – be polite and urge folks with complaints to contact you privately. You probably won’t convince anyone to call you, nor will the reviews disappear. Instead, you’ll look like a responsible property manager doing his best. This will impress – or at least reassure – people reading reviews and considering moving to your community.
Then comes the real work: taking measures to repair your reputation in the real world. It requires you and your team to go above and beyond for your tenants. Once someone thanks you for a job especially well done, ask for a quick review. Never bribe people for reviews with discounted rent or special favors. Simply do a job well and ask folks to tell people about their experience.
You can’t outrun a bad reputation, but you can slow down, take a good, hard look and improve the way you handle your property management decisions.
– Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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