Deck Inspection Tips You Should be Following

by Scott on April 12, 2017

With temperatures rising, more and more of your tenants will be turning to the great outdoors to relax and have fun. Perhaps your property even offers community gathering areas that feature decks. So the time is now to answer the following question: when was the last time your decks were inspected? Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management recommends checking for the following before opening up for your deck for the spring:
– Rotting or split wood. Even the nicest decks age, especially after a cold winter. Check out the condition of your deck and replace any planks of wood that might be rotting or splitting.
– Fallen branches, leaves and debris. If you closed off your deck and ignored it all fall and winter, you likely have some work to do. Clean up this debris, but also be sure to clean the deck once they’re gone – the surface may be slick with water or mildew.
– Electrical outlets. Make sure these are still up to code and don’t present any kind of safety hazard. Look for cords that might be a tripping hazard, too!
– Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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