Maximizing Leasing Center Productivity on the Weekend

by Scott on March 22, 2017

If your leasing center office isn’t open on the weekend, you could be losing valuable opportunities to attract new tenants. Why? The simple truth is that most people look for rentals on the weekend. While lunch break and post-work tours of apartment communities are common, they’re a hassle for the prospective tenant. After all, no one likes running errands in their free time, no matter how amazing your units might be.
But the reality is that for many leasing offices open on weekends, the staff often sits waiting for prospective tenants to swing by. Too often, this is a waste of time – and a waste of payroll dollars. Encourage your staff to schedule appointments for the weekend. Not only will it keep them busy and make their shifts fly by, these appointments are likely to be low-pressure and unhurried.
Need fun ways to attract weekend appointments? Schedule community fun days that will appeal to both current and future tenants. Tail gate days, holiday parties and festivals can all entice folks to spend an hour of their weekends with you! The bonus of this strategy? You’ll be engaging your community and keep current residents happy, too!
– Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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