Sustainable Landscaping Ideas for California Property Managers

by Scott on March 1, 2017

Even those with the greenest of thumbs will be frustrated, at times, with the California climate. Though we see more sun and mild temperatures than other parts of the country, it’s unrealistic to expect to grow lush gardens year-round in our state. That’s why drought-resistant lawns and gardens are a must for anyone considering landscaping in California. This low-maintenance option is perfect for California property managers.
Of course, low-maintenance, sustainable landscaping doesn’t mean eliminating grass altogether. Environmentally conscious property managers are investing in smart technology to care for their lawns. Hook up a low-volume irrigation system to your mobile device and you’ll be able to control the flow remotely. Even better, connect your system to your weather app to turn on or off based on the day’s forecast.
– Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management

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