Scott Safadi: Apartment Living Trends for 2017

by Scott on December 6, 2016

No matter the industry, the new year often comes a new set of trends and styles with which to keep up. At Cal Bay Property Management, we know the apartment living industry is no different. In such a competitive market, there’s no doubt your property will be compared endlessly to neighboring complexes. Consider embracing these trends in 2017 to ensure you’re the gold standard.
Practical Amenities
A community screening room might be a fun feature circa 2007, but residents today look for far more practical amenities when apartment hunting. Useful conveniences like package lockers or more advanced notification systems can mean more in the daily life of a tenant than the flashy amenities that lose their novelty fast.
Internet of Things Comes Home
If you’re not controlling your light switches, thermostat or garage door with your phone yet, you will be soon enough. With Amazon’s Alexa and Apples “home” features leading the pack, home automation is becoming the norm for more and more people. And there’s no need to completely embrace the trend right away. Ease into the automated home trends instead – your tenants will thank you.
Focus on Fitness
Gone are the days when a few dumbbells and a treadmill could be considered a gym. Many apartment complexes are doubling down on their healthy living options, creating yoga studios and saunas to entice residents.

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