Scott Safadi shows how you really remodel a kitchen!

by Scott on October 6, 2016

Scott Safadi is showcasing this kitchen and in Mountain View To show how subjective the word remodel really is.The kitchen pictured on the left was deemed “remodeled” by the previous operator of the building. It was marketed as such as well. Sure, Scott Safadi, agrees that granite countertops are nicer than formica countertops, however changing a countertop to a cheap bargain-basement granite and changing out cabinet knobs is hardly remodeling. In fact, Scott Safadi wants people to know that the granite pictured on the left is actually less expensive than formica. Therefore, rather than an upgrade, the kitchen on the left is simply one that was repaired by necessity and then misleadingly called remodeled. At Cal Bay Property Management, Scott Safadi wants people to know that we are committed to high quality construction, as well as high-quality customer service.

Let these pictures speak for themselves.scott-safadi-presents-bel-aire-apartments-mountain-view

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